Overnight Oats Five Ways

Overnight Oats 5 Ways | Cooking Classy

Where have overnight oats been all my life? I know I’m late to this party because I just recently tried overnight oats for the first time but I have to say they are totally genius! Prep them the night before you want to eat them then wake up to a ready to eat, delicious, creamy bowl of oatmeal the next day. Overnight oats are so versatile and just like a classic warm bowl of oatmeal they are so easy to make. The mix in options are endless! I couldn’t pick just one favorite so I’ve picked five overnight oat recipes I use to share with you guys.

To make overnight oats all you have to do before you go to bed at night, just mix together oats, almond milk (or other milk of your choice), Greek yogurt, and other toppings you desire. Then you wake up in the morning and ta-da, breakfast is already ready and waiting for you to enjoy! I’m not much of a morning person so these are perfect for me.

Overnight Oats 5 Ways | Cooking Classy

First up there’s the banana almond flax. If I had to pick a favorite this may just be it. I just can never get enough of that delicious almond extract flavor and it’s so good with almond butter and bananas. It makes it taste more like a treat. Then that bit of flax in it just adds a little more nutrition.

Banana Almond Flax Overnight Oats | Cooking Classy

The next one here is the Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats. It like a healthy version of pumpkin pie, and it’s perfect for this time of year when you have a little bit of left over pumpkin puree in your fridge that you need to use up. Pumpkin pie for breakfast, yes please! With this one I’d say 1 Tbsp maple syrup is a must but maybe that’s just me. With any of these you can use an alternate form of sweetener such as stevia. I just prefer the flavor of honey or maple syrup in these.

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats | Cooking Classy

Another overnight oatmeal flavor you need to try is this Berry Chia Overnight Oats. This one is perfect for summer when all of those sweet, juicy berries are in season. I love the berry and chia seed combo and it works perfect for overnight oats.

Berry Chia Overnight Oats | Cooking Classy

Here’s another one I love that mimics an decadent treat. These Chocolate (optional Peanut Butter) Overnight Oats are dreamy! What better way to start your day out than with a little chocolate? It’s kind of like eating chocolate pudding and you’re going to love it! I personally prefer this version with a scoop of peanut butter but try it with and without and see which you like better.

Chocolate Overnight Oats | Cooking Classy

Another one that’s perfect for this time of year with all of the apples galore are these Apple Autumn Spice Overnight Oats. I just can’t get enough of those crisp, sweet little bites of apples. They are a great way to put the apples in your fridge to good use and your mornings will thank you!

Apple Autumn Spice Overnight Oats | Cooking Classy

A few tips: be sure to use old fashioned rolled oats here (not quick oats) or you won’t get right consistency. Let these soak for at least 6 hours for best results. To keep things like nuts nice and crisp wait to add the morning to add them so they keep that nice crunch. Now get started with this base recipe below try these flavors I’ve shared and create some of your own!

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