Baklava Bites

Baklava Bites | Cooking Classy

Baklava bites – yes and YES! You get the classic nutty Greek baklava in mini hand holdable form (plus the addition of chocolate and whipped cream because that just makes everything taste better and look better). These make for perfect holiday treat that are sure to please plus they are quicker and easier to make than the traditional baklava. How can you go wrong?


Even though these are itty bitty they are still packed with so many satisfying flavors and an abundance of textures. From bottom to top, you get those irresistibly flaky fillo layers then just the right amount of delicious crunchy nuts and those nuts are covered in a lightly spiced buttery coating. Then after these little bites are baked up you cover them in a sweet simple syrup and finish them with dark chocolate and whipped cream for even more flavor and contrast. Like I said, it’s a whole lot of goodness in one little baklava bite.

Baklava Bites | Cooking ClassyBaklava Bites | Cooking Classy

As always, I used Fisher Walnuts here. I love Fisher nuts, they are my go-to choice of recipe nuts. I love that they are preservative free, the only ingredient are the nuts and that’s just the way it should be. Fisher nuts are not only great to bake and cook with but they are the perfect midday snack. I’ve even started packing a little container of them along in my purse or my car and then when my kids or I get hungry we’ve got a delicious and healthy snack. It used to be candy in my purse but I think nuts are a smarter choice :).

Baklava Bites | Cooking Classy

Try these sweet little treats soon! They’re so good they may likely become a new holiday tradition! They’re such a fun spin on baklava that both young and old alike will love, plus it’s always nice to have a at least one new treat during the holidays.

Baklava Bites | Cooking Classy


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